Monday, 2 February 2009

Computer Conundrums

Has anyone had experience of Google Chrome ? It had been suggested that I use Firefox instead of Internet Exlorer the reason being that Firefox was less likely to fall prey to viruses. Well - I hate Firefox! Firefox does not enable me to select text and then use the print preview facility and print off just the selection whereas Internet Explorer does. There is also an issue with the fonts that are available.

Does anyone know if Google Chrome is more secure than Internet Explorer?


Granny on the Web said...

No experience of Google Chrome. Have you tried Safari?

Might suit, but don't sue me if it doesn't!

Love Granny (*!*)

Lane said...

I've used Firefox for so long I can't even remember what IE was like.
IE is notoriously 'weak' regarding viruses so if you don't like Firefox, Chrome would have to be better. Having said that I've only played about with Chrome on daughter's computer so I can't really comment on it. Sorry not to be more helpful.

Linda said...

I use Firefox and love it. I've heard of Chrome but it was sort of negative at the time. I've heard good things about Safari though.

GB said...

I have used Firefox for years and Chrome since it came out. I find Chrome very secure and faster than Firefox. I also use Safari occasionally. I use different browsers because I use various Google accounts and using different browsers allows you to use several accounts simultaneously. I very rarely use IE and V 8 is not compatible with soem other programs. I hope this is useful.