Sunday, 15 February 2009

Photo Tag

I have been tagged by Dulwich Divorcee to rummage around in my computer to find the fourth photograph in the fourth folder. There is a snag to this - I just have one large folder - I know, I know - I should be more organised. Instead I closed my eyes and let the mouse loose to scurry around to take on the selection task. It is not surprising I end up with a sunset photograph - I have very many in my collection - I just cannot resist dashing out into the field behind our house with my camera when there is a promising scene at sunset. I don't know what I would do if the local farmer decided to plant crops in the field!

I pass this tag on to anyone who fancies to take up this challenge. I expect many of you have already been involved with this tag.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I did this tag a couple of weeks ago Lindsay - beautiful photo of that sunset though. A

Maggie May said...

Beautiful photo. Nobody ever seems to get a bad photo out of their folder! have you noticed?

Valley View said...

Hi Lindsay

Hopefully your relatives in Melbourne are OK. You have some really nice photo's on your blog - very impressive, and your tricycle looks a lot safer then the Cooks horse!



Lindsay said...

Maggie - I think you are right!

Martyn - thanks for your comments.

Lindsay said...

Martyn - PS: Yes my brother is fine, he lives south of Melbourne near Rosebud.