Sunday, 14 September 2008

Aqua Antics on Royal Clipper

This is Husband boarding the Royal Clipper tender vessel to go ashore - as you can see it is not easy, once having stepped aboard there is a drop down off the seat. We decided that I, with the wonky knees, would not take the risk. No matter - there were water sports available off the marina. This marina was an integral part of the stern of Royal Clipper and hinged downwards into the sea so as to provide a platform. To reach the marina one had to climb through a series of watertight doors.

From the marina one could swim - this was lovely although rather cold. There were diving opportunities for the nutters that liked sinking into the depths to look at wrecks and things. Snorkels and flippers were readily available. There were also two kayaks, a couple of small sailing dinghies and of course the Zodiacs. Here you can see me in the blue tee shirt yakking to the others as we donned life jackets in readiness for a zodiac safari. The others hopped in - I did a slow shuffling on my behind!

Here we are all set for a zoom through the seas exploring the inlets and coves around the Korcula area. For those of you who watched a lovely documentary on TV about Francesco Da Mosta and The Black Swan, Korcula is one of the places he visited.

The three people in charge of the water sports were all from Sweden. I asked if I could swim a circle around Royal Clipper but due to health and safety we were not allowed to do this. Once, whilst on deck, looking down at the marina, I saw the biggest jellyfish of my life - it was about 18 inches in diameter, a solid pink in colour with an inner circle of deep red. I shouted a warning down to the swimmers and all made a hasty exit!


Elleona said...

Bonjour de France.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It looks wonderful Lindsay - I so wish that I had the courage to do something like that but am not a very strong swimmer so tend to keep mostly in my depth.

A x

Pipany said...

Hi Lindsay. Not boring at all - very much in the mood for all things boaty after the regatta so really enjoyed this xx

Lane said...

Good job you were on jellyfish lookout!

I saw the Francesco Da Mosta series. How lovely that you saw Korcula!

Flowerpot said...

I'm not a strong swimmer either and the thought of that jellyfish - oh no!!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Yep...we are some of those nutters!!