Monday, 15 September 2008

More Clips from Clipper

The anchor was huge and when it was rattling out clouds of rust particles flew into the air.

This is the Bosun who is in charge of the deck crew, he came from Goa.
My only visit ashore came at Corfu when Royal Clipper actually moored alongside instead of anchoring just off land. Husband and I were enjoying the best ice cream we have ever tasted. It was fresh Kumquat. I enjoyed Corfu - we took a taxi straight to the Old Town and wandered around finally reaching the Cricket Ground.

The cafe in which we ate the ice cream was situated near a square where this photo of the statue plus pigeon was taken.


Lane said...

The poor statue dignitary doesn't look very dignified with all the pigeon poop, poor chap.

Kumquat ice cream sounds totally delicious. You both look so relaxed in that photo:-)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Glad you enjoyed Corfu - visited once - many years ago - and loved it. Agree with Lane you do look relaxed, I expect some sunshine made all the difference too.

A x