Monday, 22 September 2008

Mystified by the Cows

The cows are back in the field behind our house - they appeared silently, the calves are grown up enough now not to have mothers calling and making contact with them. Suddenly they are gone again gently swaying through the gap in the hedge to the two fields beyond - then they are back again - and so on. The farmer appeared to check on a water trough and I asked her how far she thought a cow walks in a day given the freedom of a couple of large fields. She said she had no idea! Perhaps somebody else has? I would have a guess at 5 miles?


Suburbia said...

Perhaps you need to invent a cow-o-meter!

cheshire wife said...

The cows in the field at the back of us also move around the field, or fields. At one time you could predict when they would be drinking from the pond at the end of our garden but now it seems to be any time. We rarely see the farmer so they must decide for themselves where and when they move.

I have read the posts about your holiday with interest. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and I was sorry to read that Rescue Dog had to be put down when you got home.

I enjoy popping by your blog each day to see what you are up to. There is an award waiting for you on my blog.

mountainear said...

Haven't a clue. The cattle here too have access to quite a wide area although I've noticed that parts of it are rarely visited - I think it depends on whether they find the 'gap in the hedge'. When they do find a new bit of field they get very excited and there is much mooing. That's also how we know when they have got out.

Lane said...

That's such an autumnal photo.

Five miles seems quite alot but they do seem to be on the move, albeit slowly, all day if they've got the space.

Paula said...

It depends on how much and how good the forage is. Cattle will stay fairly contained if there's ample good grass - eat their fill, lie down and cud. If the quality or quantity is poor they'll wander, if they have the choice, until they've eaten enough bulk to cud.
After all the rain and due to the time of year the grass is lacking quality now. Earlier in the year some farmers control grazing by strip grazing with an electric fence - to make the cattle eat evenly and uniformly, this encourages a good re-growth.
I'm going on a bit! End of lecture...
I was more than sorry to hear about your dog. There’s something about an animal’s untimely death that's heartrending. I feel for you and hope you're healing a little. Paula from locks park farm