Sunday, 21 September 2008

Harvest at Last

I am so pleased for our local farmer (this our view from back garden) the combine contractors have arrived at her place at last. Dreadful stories of combines getting stuck and clogged in the muddy fields. The tips of the wheat were just about to sprout so they arrived in the nick of time. We now have the roar of hurrying tractors and trailers through the village with their loads of grain and straw. Apparently their dilemma at the moment is to decide whether to haul the loads of grain to the dryers (about 10 miles away) with their own tractors and trailers or to contract lorries to do the job. When she comes to deliver the eggs on Wednesday she has promised me a map of the farm with all the names of the fields - so much nicer to be a bit more informed! I asked the farmer a question which she was unable to answer - so my next post I will be asking the same question to you! (depending upon the health of this spasmodic computer)


Suburbia said...

I love harvest time. The weather is so perfect right now, why couldn't it have done this in August?!!
Names of farm fields are always interesting, so much history involved :)

cheshire wife said...

What a lovely view you have from the back of your house. We have farm machinery trundling up and down our lane at the moment. I am not sure what they are doing as they are not arable farmers.