Monday, 29 September 2008

Carriage Chaos

Last Thursday we decided to catch a local train from Bradford-on-Avon down to Weymouth. This train chugged along and stopped at every station, including some request stops with delightful names - Chetnole being one of them. The train passed through lovely countryside especially through the Dorset hills. However both journeys there and back were spoilt by some of the passengers. Sorry this is turning into a rant!!! On the way to Weymouth an unfortunate middle aged man, presumably with some mental problem, shouted all the way with 'time checks', where was the loo, what were we doing etc. Some poor couple had to move with their child. Husband had a crick in his neck trying to avoid eye contact. Not ranting really about this poor man - but on the way back - a family from hell entered the carriage and we had to endure continuous shouting, screaming, fighting from two children aged about 10 and 8. The mother said nothing. In the end I sent a piercing stare to the girl and mouthed "bloody shut up". Silence was golden! I am expecting a knock on the door from the Transport Police any minute!

At Weymouth we made our way to the harbour and watched the trawlers come in with their catch. We ate a very good fresh fish pie at one of the little restaurants and then walked along by the sea. Husband dared me to swim - but I did not take up the offer!


mountainear said...

Hell is definitely other people. I sympathise - having sat behind another 'family from hell' on our recent flight to Corfu.

To give the father his due he was amazingly patient - I might have flung the screaming, howling horrors of children out at 5,000ft. but neither mother or father seemed to have any control or discipline over their children.

Perhaps I have turned into a grumpy old sod. It does seem very inconsiderate for the majority of others to have to endure the ill behaviour of a few though doesn't it?

cheshire wife said...

What a pity your day out was spoilt by other people. Hope you will remember the scenery and the fish pie.

Lane said...

I'd love train journeys if it wasn't for the other passengers:-)
Good for you for finding a way to shut the kid up!

I'm surprised you didn't swim. It was sunny wasn't it;-)

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Sorry to hear about your journey...I like your tactics (must remember those)! Being meaning to go to Weymouth for ages before Olympics fever sets in....